HokieStorm Chase 2016 Day 3

Posted: May 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

….A Repositioning Day….

IMG_0757Decided to punt the Rio Grande Slight Risk for many factors, but mainly poor chase
terrain, late initiation time, and the urge to head north for future upslope chase days beginning as early as Thursday. After a late wake up, headed north and west through the Panhandles of Texas/Oklahoma for a night in a frequent spot for the Hokiestorm Chasers, Guymon OK. Sadly, a major draw for us is the Super-8, which has great rooms and used to have an excellent hot breakfast. Tragically, the breakfast is no-more, but it does bring back plenty of #HSC2012 memories.

Tomorrow’s setup not the best, but may nose into upslope territory to try to catch some LP convection. Things looking promising late in the weekend/early next week.

Overall not a lost day for me! Got to experience some of the things that I enjoy most about the mid-west. Planes, trains, oil wells, and most of all….windmills! A bit nerdy, but ‪#‎notashamed‬. Enough text…Enjoy the pictures!

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State Count : 5 (VA, TN, AR, TX, OK)

Water Towers: 165

Super-8s: 2

Tornadoes: 0

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